Monday, April 5, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Game 1

Rockies 5, Brewers 3

1-0. That's about 1,000% better than 0-1.

Today's season opener was more interesting than it was entertaining. Unless you enjoy games where your team makes a few errors, leaves all kind of runners in scoring position, and then allows the tying run to bat with no outs in the ninth in a three run game.

Like I said, though, 1-0 is better than 0-1.

The Rockies will play better than this about 100 times this season, and not as good probably 40 times. I'm just making numbers up, but they should play better more times than not.

Jimenez was a little, I don't know, iffy, at times. Not his best for sure, but plenty good enough to not get hammered. He's an ace, folks, so his not best is better than most people's better than best.

On the other hand, Franklin Morales is going to be an adventure in the ninth. That said, his stuff is fine. It's between the ears that needs straightening. It's trusting his good stuff, then backing up good pitches with good mechanics, and then repeating everything. When you're not 100% confident in your stuff, that's when all those things fall apart. But who knows, getting through today might be all he needs to find a groove. Couldn't hurt.

Official Scorer

This is the portion of my blog when I pretend I'm the official scorer and give myself the right to name a winning player, not necessarily a pitcher, and also award losses, saves, change hits to errors, any damn thing I want.

Winning Player: Carlos Gonzalez (1-0)

No way I'm overlooking a four-hit effort from the lead-off spot. He set the table, he got on base ahead of Spilborghs for that huge insurance run in the 9th, he was terrific.

Save: Troy Tulowitzki (1)

For his leaping 9th inning catch that robbed Prince Fielder of an RBI single and helped keep Morales from completely imploded. That was huge.

Hey, this was fun... let's do it again about 180 more times this year. Sound good?