Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Times Two

Game 1

Marlins 4, Rockies 1

Losing Player: Greg Smith

Nothing at all surprising about how this game played out. It was a tough matchup for Smith. I thought his showing was okay, nothing great by any means, but he battled and certainly kept Colorado in the game.

As did Manny Corpas, who has turned into a very valuable long reliever. His versatility in the pen is huge.

I'd give the losing player to the entire offense, but again, it's difficult to expect much against a guy as hot as Ricky Nolasco right now. This was just a tough matchup from top to bottom on both sides of the fence.

Game 2

Rockies 8, Marlins 1

Winning Player: Aaron Cook

Cook-Man-Like. Aaron needed this. The Rockies needed this from Aaron. He delivered, and it was beautiful to watch.

Cook had the Marlins off balance all night. They were pounding his sinker into the ground. When the Marlins put together a couple mild threats, he was able to work through it with his sinker. It was there for him at every key moment. That's what was missing from his first three starts.

Credit again to Miguel Olivo a) for calling another beauty and b) for his 3-run jack to straight center which essentially put the game away. What an addition he continues to be. Poor Chris Iannetta will never get his swing and act togethr if Olivo keeps this up.

Dexter Fowler reaches base all five times and we're only mentioning him third. That's when you know the team had an excellent night at the office. Nice job, Dex. You're not unnoticed at all.

Giambi & Mora. I rag on them for the defense, but they had some professional ABs and contributed to the offense.

A good good evening. If you're going to split a doubleheader, which happens about 95% of the time, then you might as well win the second one. That's a better feeling as you head into the late evening hours.

BIG series finale tomorrow. I want this team to really focus on winning this series ahead of a big stretch within the division.