Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Nauseated

Diamondbacks 12, Rockies 11 (10 innings)

What can you say after a game like that? Probably not a whole lot more than I said while the game was going on. Feel free to go back and read that again if your stomach can handle it.

Losing Player: Greg Smith

It all boils down to how AWFUL Greg Smith was today. Absolutely brutal.

I have defended this guy all spring. I've been in his corner despite his early season troubles. There's nothing I can say anymore to defend him. I still do like this talent, but talent doesn't equal a whole lot when you have no confidence in your best pitches or your ability to retire big leaguers.

It's a mnetal hurdle he has to overcome every time out there, and you can just tell how his day is going to go with the first batter. It happened in Miwaukee. He was up 0-2 on Rickie Weeks and ended up walking him. He was up 1-2 today on Kelly Johnson... walked him.

And then it spiraled. Rockies can't afford anymore of this. Not with the circumstances having changed to tremendously in a short time.

Commenter Blake asked a damn good question earlier today...

Do you think we will try and get a guy like Looper or make a trade for another starter since Smith ain't so good and we have two youngin's coming up this weekend?
Answer: They have to add more depth one way or another.  Like you said, we have two young guys going this weekend, they are both unknowns at this point, despite their obvious talent.  Right now we know what we have in Greg Smith... and it's not pretty.

Looper would probably be the most realistic option.  How much time he'd need at the minor league level I don't know.  How much the Rockies like him I don't know.  I just have to imagine whatever their level of attraction was this morning has to have increased as today played out.

I think Matt Belisle could realistcally stretch out to a starter.  Not sure Manny Corpas is ready to handle that load.  It's a messy situation to sort out right now and I couldn't be mad at Jim Tracy or Dan O'Dowd if they don't have any answers.  You can prepare and add depth all you want, but when you get this many injuries at once, your hands are tied.

And all we can do is sit here with our heads in our palms.

Like I said at the top, if you want to read more on this game read my Running Thoughts.  There's not much I can add to that now.  I'm ready for the off day and I'll be hoping like heck that this team can bounce back from this experience today.  Everyone have a good evening.