Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Somebody Please Hide Giambi's Glove

Nationals 6, Rockies 4

Official Scorer

Official Ruling: I hereby overrule the original scoring of a basehit for Adam Duun in the first inning. That will now be viewed as an E3. Error on Jason Giambi.

Losing Player: Jason Giambi

I can't take another inning of Giambi playing first base for the Colorado Rockies. It's hideous.

Yes, we truly have been spoiled by Todd Helton's ability to make every play look easy, I admit that much, but Giambi can't even make the most basic of plays.  He has no side-to-side range. He has no clue how to play a hop. He's just a stiff out there. The truest form of a stiff you'll find playing defensive in MLB.

Plus he's not doing anything offensively. I'm sure he will eventually, but as of this very moment he's offering less than no value to the Rockies. He's a detriment.

So what do we when Helton needs a day or two off? Well, you could probably play Brad Hawpe there. I have no problem with that as long as Hawpe is feeling comfortable there. That also allows you to get Spilly or Smith an OF start. That's a solid offensive lineup.

I personally think Melvin Mora would be fine there. He's a plus defender at thrid base, not so much in the middle infield.

You have options. It doesn't have to be Giambi. Even though he needs and wants his weekly ABs, this team needs quality defense to win games, so Giambi either has to get a lot better in a hurry, or step aside into a strictly pinch-hit role.

It's not just the plays he doesn't make that piss me off. It's the two runs that scored as a result. It's the 20-25 extra pitches it made Jason Hammel throw. It's the fact that every game he's played in the field, the entire team takes a step backwards defensively. Bad defense is definitely contagious.

That's all there is to say tonight.

Well, I should add that Hammel deserved a better fate. Rafael Betancourt didn't have a lot going for him either. Rough inning and a big L for him.

Who would have thought we'd begging for a series split in Washington?

We NEED a series split!  We're begging for it.


Blake said...

That was a frustrating game to watch. 2 E's by our middle infield cost us big. Usually they make those plays in their sleep.

I love your stuff on B&C, but you doing a blog devoted to the Rockies is sweet!! Hopefully we can make Livan remember he is Livan Hernandez and raise his 0.00 era a little or alot.