Monday, April 19, 2010

Running Thoughts: Cook vs. Stammen

New day.  I'm completely over what transpired yesterday.  When you look at the play a few times in real speed and slo-mo, it's close.  Do I think it was an out?  Yes.

However... Do I think Clint Barmes caught the ball last year against the Cardinals?  No.  Do I think Matt Holliday touched home plate?  Maybe.  Things even out.  The Rockies will get another call this season that will likely decide a game in their favor, too.  It's frustrating, but it is what it is.  Pound the Nats tonight and we'll all feel better everything related to baseball.

Seth Smith starts for Dexter tonight.  That shifts CarGo over to center.  Olivo catches again.  The back and forth continues there,

Monday night baseball in the nation's capital.  Should be fun.
1st Inning

  • Why did I think Stammen was left-handed?  Who knows.   
  • Jair Jurrjens Craig Stammen sets them down in order.  I really hate pitchers coming off brutal outings!  
  • Cook matches the 1-2-3 1st with 2 groundouts and a flyout.
  • Entire 1st inning played in under 10 minutes.  I'll predict that pace won't continue.  
2nd Inning
  • 6 up, 6 down for Stammen.  I'm not used to having nothing to comment on.  
  • Ball 4: Adam Dunn
  • Aaron Cook just allowed a 3-run HR to Wille Harris.  I want good Aaron Cook back... please.  
  • Stammen with a basehit... Morgan with a basehit.  
  • Olivo wanted a 2-2 pitch to Kenndy low and in, Cook missed high and away.  
  • Ball 8. Adam Kennedy.  
  • Zimmerman grounds out with the bases loaded.  Thank you Baseball Gods.  
  • Nationals 3, Rockies 0
3rd Inning
  • Back-to-back two-baggers from Stewart and Barmes get the Rockies on the board.  Let's get a crooked number!  
  • I've determined Cook needs glasses.  Swings at ball four over his head.  Costs his team run at this point.  
  • Rockies only get one.  Hate to beat up on Cook but he's done very little on either side to help his team tonight.  
  • Gonzalez losses at easy flyball in the lights.  Drops for a double.  Same crap, different day.  
  • Ball 12: Josh Willingham.
  • Bases loaded:  This is pathetic.  
  • Ball 16: Ian Desmond.  Why are the Rockies walking so many batters?  
  • Morgan singles one more home.  Cook looks completely hopeless on the mound right now.  
  • Inning finally over.  Defense didn't help, but Cook looks Cooked regardless.
  • Nationals 5, Rockies 1
4th Inning
  • Rockies load the bases for Olivo, who tries hard to kill another rally but the Nats can't turn the DP.  
  • Only get one though as Stewart lines into the DP.  
  • Cook exits after three.  Manny Corpas back into the long relief role.  
  • Manny Corpas: 1-2-3 inning.  You know why?  He threw strikes.  
  • Nationals 5, Rockies 2
5th Inning
  • Stammen and Corpas work 1-2-3 innings.  Corpas really settling into the long relief role.  
6th Inning
  • Looked like Tulo beat out a DP ball.  When things aren't good, calls seems to pile up against you.  Just have to play better and work through it.  
  • When did Miguel Olivo become a defensive catcher?  Cuts down his 5th baserunner of the season: Nyjer Morgan.  
  • Clean inning for Randy Flores.  Nice.  
7th Inning
  • This is a pretty dreadful game to write about.  Rockies down in order again.  I expected Stammen to be good... just not THIS good.  
  • Daley walks Adam Dunn.  Rockies pitching has now walked 21 batters on this 4 game roadie.  That's pretty much sad.  
  • Miguel Olivo cuts down another runner.  His throwing arm is about the only thing exciting about tonight's game.  
8th Inning
  • Stammen remains in, mows down Barmes without any trouble.  
  • He's through 8 safely now.  As Drew Goodman put it... another quick and quiet inning.  
  • Joe Beimel allows a double and an intentionall walk (add that to the total I've count of), but picks up a wandering baserunner.  Without the pickoffs and caught stealings we'd be looking at a 10-2 score.  
9th Inning
  • Rockies offense finds a faint pulse with two outs on a Tulo single.  YAY!
  • It's over.  Rockies show no life at all and I'm quite glad I don't have to pretend like I'm interested in this game anymore.  What a snoozer.  
  • Final: Nationals 5, Rockies 2