Friday, April 9, 2010

Running Thoughts: De La Rosa vs. Richard


The usual lineup with the lone exception being Miguel Olivo getting a second straight start behind the plate.  It's early, but the pressure may already be mounting on Chris Iannetta.

1st Inning 

  • Baseball is back in Denver.  What a beautiful day.  
  • De La Rosa breezes through the first, capping it with a strikeout of Adrian Gonzalez.
  • Clayton Richard returns the favor, shutting the Rockies down 1-2-3.  
2nd Inning
  • San Diego's Kyle Blanks is one impressive specimen.  A large man of 6'6" 275 LBs, and he nearly beat out a fairly routine grounder to Stewart.  Great athlete.
  • DLR is dealing through two innings.  
  • First and third situation results in nada as Stewart GIDP.  That's 0-for-1 with RISP today.
3rd Inning
  • Is Miguel Olivo the first Rockies catcher to throw to first after a strikeout?  I feel like I've seen it before but can't recall who might have done it.
  • Does anyone else even care?  
  • DLR strikes out the first two and then inexplicably walks Clayton Richard.  A little frustration shown after ball four, but he still recovers to strikeout the side.      
  • Rockies start picking on former farmhand Evereth Cabrera, who commits an error allowing CarGo to reach second, and then Dexter Fowler beats out an infield hit to short.  Todd Helton grounds out to end the threat.  1-for-3 RISP = 0 runs.  
4th Inning
  • Padres mount their final real threat with two outs.  DLR strikes out the younger Hairston to end it.  
  • San Diego's only hit so far was on a perfect hit-and-run.  Jorge has close to no-hit stuff today.  
  • Miguel Olivo strikes out with runner at 2nd & 3rd -- 1-for-4 RISP.  Big AB upcoming for Ian Stewart. 
  • Ian Stewart comes through big with a 2-run single!  Maybe the pressure will be off the offense a little bit now.  
  • Rockies 2, Padres 0
5th Inning
  • And 1-2-3 go the Padres.  Jorge just ho-humming along.  
  • Todd Helton flats smoke an RBI single to right.  Carlos Gonzalez scores the run from second.  
  • Rockies 3, Padres 0
6th Inning
  • 1-2-3 go the Padres again.  
  • Clayton Richard hasn't been half bad either.  Works his own 1-2-3 inning.  
7th Inning
  • De La Rosa was just flat unfair today.  He finishes up : 7 IP, 1 H, 1 BB and 9 K.  Awesome or no? 
  • Thoroughly impressed with Clayton Richard today.  He's kept his team right in this game.
8th Inning
  • Troy Tulowitzki alertly keeps the tag on Evereth Cabrera as he overslides second base on a stolen base attempt.  
  • Betancourt blows away Rockie killer Matt Stairs to end the 8th.  
  • Tulo double.
  • Hawpe single
  • Olivo RBI single 
  • Barmes 3-run homer.  
  • That should be enough to feel comfortable in the 9th.  
  • Esmil Rogers will get the ball for his season debut.  
  • Rockies 7, Padres 0
9th Inning
  • Esmil Rogers screws Adrian Gonzalez into the ground to wrap-up a dominant Rockies victory.  
  • The Rock Solid Recap will be along this evening.  
  • Rockies 7, Padres 0  Final.