Sunday, April 25, 2010

Running Thoughts: De La Rosa vs. Volstad

The emotions of the Keli McGregor memorial service give way to baseball now.  The Rockies host their expansion brothers in the rubber match of a big three game series before getting deep into division play.

If you haven't heard, Colorado placed Brad Hawpe on the 15 Day DL this morning and recalled Eric Young Jr. I was thinking (kinda hoping) they might recall veteran Jay Payton, but the Rockies likely looking forward to having a speed guy off the bench in late innings.

Seth Smith will start in LF this afternoon and hit 5th.  Miguel Olivo catches once again.  Everything else is the usual.

Big game today.  I'm always big on taking that final game of the series just because there's always something significant about it.  You're either avoiding a sweep, trying to win a series, or trying to get a sweep.  Let's get one today!
1st Inning

  • Angel Hernandez umpiring behind the plate.  As George and Drew have already pointed out... he'll leave us scratching our heads a few times.  
  • Good start for Jorge.  Four pitch walk to Hanley, which isn't always an awful idea, is all he allowed.  
  • Fowler called out on a pitch that was a good 8 inches outside.  Goodness.  
  • Nothing happening for the Rockies.  
2nd Inning
  • DLR walks Uggla leading off.  That's pretty tough to do.
  • Here we go with another group of umps that don't a balk from a hole in the ground.  Idiots.  
  • DLR pitches around a walk and an iffy balk to shut down the fish again.  
  • Seth Smith turns and deposits over the scoreboard for a 1-0 lead.  I think he might enjoy the playing time.  
  • Rockies 1, Marlins 0
3rd Inning
  • DLR walks Coghlan.  Angel continues to squeeze him.  Lovely.  
  • Tulo turns a 6-3 DP with some fantastic footwork around the bag.  That'll save the pitch count.  
  • Barmes and Gonzalez hit the ball hard but it's still a 1-2-3 inning for Volstad.  Feel like the Rockies will bust through big one of these innings.  
4th Inning
  • Tulo with another Gold Glove caliber play, this time cutting down Hanley.  Hanley now hitting a mere .600 when leading off an inning.  
  • Jorge Cantu lost his 21-game hitting streak in Game 2 last night.  Starts another today with a double to right.  
  • DLR strikes out Uggla (4th) and Paulino (5th) to get through safely.  Pitch count hovering between a lot and too many, but the bullpen should be full strength aside from Corpas.  
  • Todd Helton just hit one well out of the park on a normal day.  The wind caught it and pushed it back.
  • Seth Smith needs this playing time.  3-run HR through the wind pushes the lead to 4-0.   
  • Rockies 4, Marlins 0
5th Inning
  • Jorge plunks Brett Carroll.  That's much easier on the pitch count than a walk.  
  • And now DLR has a blister.  Fantastic.
  • Coghlan knocks home Florida's first run with a two out single.  Fixing to get interesting I'm afraid.  
  • 4-2 now.  Sanchez knocks in Coghlan.
  • CarGo keeps throwing home allowing the hitter to waltz into scoring position.  Not a high baseball IQ play.  
  • Jorge fans Hanley, who barks at Angel Hernandez.  Offense had to pick it right back up now.  
  • Instant offense from the top of the order!  CarGo singles, Fowler triples him home.  
  • Helton gets Dex home, tries to take second on the error but is thrown out.  Might be a rally killer.  
  • Or not.  Tulo rips a double over Coghlan's head.  Offense is currently raking.  
  • Miguel Olivo loves fastballs. Please, NL pitchers, continue throwing them to him.  2-run HR to deep left.  
  • Rockies 8, Marlins 2
6th Inning
  • DLR removed with the blister.  Matt Belisle takes over and rolls through the 6th.  
  • Quiet inning for the Rockies as rain begins to fall.   The Marlins must just love their visits to Denver.
7th Inning
  • Helton saves a double by knocking a ball down.  Fish have 1st & 3rd with one out.  Looking to creep back in.  
  • Sanchez breaks Belisle's 9 inning scoreless streak with a single.  
  • Matt Daley on to deal with Hanley -- 2 on and 2 outs. 
  • Bases loaded for Cantu.  This could end badly.  
  • Cantu pops a 3-2 pitch in center.  That got a little more interesting than necessary.  Six outs to go.  
  • Rockies 8, Marlins 3
8th Inning
  • Matt Daley stays in... allows a walk and a double to begin.  Need outs!
  • Clint Barmes... Web. Gem.  
  • Betancourt to attempt to clean up the rest of Daley's mess.  
  • Marlins get just one thanks to the Barmes plays and stellar work by Raffy.  Wouldn't hurt to get another run or two here.
  • EY Jr. on the board with a hit.  Puts them at the corners with 1 down.  Insurance.  
  • Insurance denied.  Need 3 outs!  
  • Rockies 8, Marlins 4
9th Inning
  • Here comes Franklin!  
  • One. Two. Three.  Big Series win over a capable Florida club.  Feel good about this one!
  • Final: Rockies 8, Marlins 4