Saturday, April 17, 2010

Running Thoughts: Jimenez vs. Kawakami


It's the reunion of the Opening Day lineup... sans Chris Iannetta, who once again sits in favor of Miguel Olivo.  Whatever, at least we know Chris will play tomorrow.

Baseball time.

1st Inning

  • Chip Caray back in the both tonight for Atlanta.  Opens the broadcast by telling us the Rockies are battling for the NL Wildcard.  Actually, numbnuts, the Rockies are aiming a little higher this season.  
  • Chip also informs us the Rockies are like so many other NL teams that are looking for a leadoff man.  Folks, I wasn't kidding, Chip Caray is a blithering idiot.  Can't wait to hear what else he has to say.  
  • CarGo "the leadoff man experiment for tonight" does what he does so often, leads off the game with a hit (double). 
  • Fowler moves CarGo to third, Helton walks, and Tulo sac flies.  Good start for the offense.  
  • Even better start for Jimenez, who wipes out a walk with a DP grounder.  
  • Rockies 1, Braves 0
2nd Inning
  • One out double by Barmes leads to nothing.  Gonzalez just a bit off-balance on a pitch in his happy zone.  Still hit it 397 to straight center.  
  • As I mentioned in my preview, Kawakami can be tricky.  He just knows how changing speeds and location can get outs without having to a strikeout.  
  • Broken Bat #1: Jimenez gets in on Yunel Escboar... shatters it.  
3rd Inning
  • The ball just isn't flying in Atanta tonight.  CarGo just missed last inning.  Helton and Tulo hit balls that looked like potential homers this inning that just died before the warning track.  
  • Chip Caray notes the Rockies are considered NLWest favorites.  Apparently they've improved their standing since the first inning.  
  • Jimenez up to four walks now.  Is the home plate in Atlanta smaller or something? Why are the Rockies having so much trouble finding it.  Chipper looking to make him pay now.  
  • Well Olivo shows a little defensive value there by picking off Kawakami.  Big lift for Jimenez.  
4th Inning
  • Rockies gets singles from Hawpe and Stewart, but terrible ABs from Olivo and Barmes.   So what happens?  Jimenez helps his own cause by ripping an RBI single to center.  Beautifully done. 
  • How good a hitter is Carlos Gonzalez?  Drives a 2-run double to the opposite gap giving Jimenez some important breathing room.  Massive two out hit.   
  • Jimenez walks Chipper leading off.  5th freaking walk of the game.  Now a balk.  More mental lapses.  
  • Miguel Olivo playing some really good defense tonight.  Saved a run a couple times with better technique blocking dirt balls.
  • Rockies 4, Braves 0
5th Inning
  • Todd Helton has seen 25 pitches in 3 ABs tonight.  Draws his second walk of the game leading off this inning.  
  • Hawpe: 3-for-3, 3 singles.  Quad seems fine.  
  • Olivo's shitty night at the plate continues with a DP.  Like I said, playing a fine defensive game, but he's not known for defense.  His third rally killing type of AB on the night.  
  • 6 walks for Jimenez.  So many wasted pitches, yet he works around it every time.  
  • Kawakami out after 5.  I think my Josh Fogg comparison looked pretty good after this one.  Very similar to a typical Fogg line: 5 IP 8 H, 4 ER, 2 K, 2 BB
6th Inning
  • Jonny Venters makes his Major League debut for Atlanta.  Retires Stewart, Barmes and Jimenez in order.  Tip of the cap to the rookie left-hander.  
  • Jimenez fails to walk the leadoff hitter, strikes him out instead.  Sign of bad things to come?  
  • Jimenez worked the entire inning out of the stretch.  Best of inning of the night.  This is getting rather interesting.  
7th Inning
  • Great debut for Atlanta's Venters.  Two scoreless with a Todd Helton 0-2 hit as the only blemish.  
  • Dexter Fowler with one incredible catch and another fabulous catch to preserve a very special thing.  
  • Jimenez sitting at 105 pitches though.  
8th Inning
  • This Venters kid had an awesome debut.  It's a 4-0 game and he kept his team right in there.  Things can still happen here.  
  • We have played eight.  Pardon me as my nerves cranks up to almost World Series like intensity right now.  
9th Inning
  • And here go.  
  • That's one.  
  • Two down!
  • Hyperventilating just a little.  
  • Ubaldo Jimenez makes history tonight in Atlanta throwing the Rockies first ever no-hitter.  What a night for one of the most special arms in the game today and what a moment for the Rockies and us as fans. 
  • Wow.    
  • Final Rockies 4, Braves 0... with 0 hits.  
  • I think we'll have more to say on this one later.  Good bet on that.  
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