Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lineup Card: Game 3 @ San Diego

Rockies Lineup

  • LF Young
  • CF Fowler
  • 1B Helton
  • SS Tulowitzki
  • RF Gonzalez
  • 3B Mora 
  • C  Olivo
  • 2B Barmes
  • P   Cook
Where's Paul Phillips?


I will predict that Ian Stewart's slump will continue as long as he's in and out of the lineup every other day.  I don't think it's necessary he sit against all lefties, especially a lefty like Clayton Richard.  

Clayton Kershaw, Johan  Santana, Jonathan Sanchez, Barry Zito.  Those are the lefties you rest him against.  Otherwise, just let him take his ABs and enjoy having his glove in the lineup.  

I'll have the Padres lineup when it becomes available.

Padres Lineup
  • CF Gwynn
  • 2B Eckstein
  • 1B Gonzalez
  • 3B Headley
  • RF Venable
  • LF Blanks
  • SS J. Hairston
  • C   Hundley
  • P   Richard
That looks like a lot of groundball outs for Aaron Cook.