Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lineup Card: Rockies vs. D-Backs

Tonight would be the perfect night.

The perfect night for the Rockies offense to start taking advantage of below average pitchers, because that's exactly what Rodrigo Lopez is at this point in his career.

Also, it's easy to assume 3-4 runs will be enough for Jimenez to cruise to victory.  More times than not that will be more than enough, but I don't want the offense to come in relaxed feeling like their work is easy.  I want them to come out and do to Lopez what they did to Edwin Jackson last time Ubaldo Jimenez faced Arizona.

Support the hell out of him.  Make his life easy.  Make Jim Tracy's life easy.  Make my night be Stress Free!

Also, Ubaldo... stay hydrated, my friend!

Rockies Lineup (23-22)

  • CF Gonzalez
  • LF Smith
  • 1B Helton
  • SS Tulowitzki
  • RF Hawpe
  • C  Olivo
  • 3B Stewart
  • 2B Barmes
  • P   Jimenez
Diamondbacks Lineup (20-26)
  • 2B Johnson
  • RF Parra
  • LF Jackson
  • SS Drew
  • 1B LaRoche
  • 3B Reynolds
  • CF Young
  • C   Snyder
  • P   Lopez
Day off for Upton.  I don't care how much he may struggle against Ubaldo, I'm glad he's not in there.  He'll be a key weapon in the late innings of a close game, though.  


Rockies 11, D-Backs 4

WP: Ubaldo Jimenez (6-1)
LP:  Rodrigo Lopez (1-4)

Home Runs

Arizona: Stephen Drew (5), Conor Jackson (3)
Colorado: Todd Helton (8), Troy Tulowitzki (10), Ian Stewart (5)

Player of the Game: Troy Tulowitzki