Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Bowling Shoe Ugly

Last night makes up for the 12-11 Arizona loss. Rockies didn't deserve this one at all.

Rockies 6, Padres 5  (12 innings)

Winning Player: Manny Corpas

Manny earned every bit of his individual W though.

He had a couple hiccups over the last two appearances but rebounded with 2 2/3 scoreless innnings tonight. Not just middle of the game scoreless innings either. We're talking 10th, 11th and 12th inning of a tightly contested, yet ugly baseball game.

After Franklin Morales provided the team with nothing for a second straight game, Corpas came in to clean up that mess. His only real blemish was a walk to Adrian Gonzalez that made pretty good baseball sense considering the situation.

Save: Ian Stewart

His HR in the top of the 12th proved to be the game winner. Not sure what the Rockies would have done for pitching had that game extended too much longer. Just a great piece of hitting in his only AB of the game.

Franklin Morales

Watching Morales tonight was sad. His confidence is shot, which partly goes on him for lack of focus and toughness, but also partly goes on the manager for forcing him into situations he clearly can't handle at this time.

I like Franklin's ability. I want to see him mature into what he's capable of, which is why I'm pulling for a mental rehab stint soon.  Corpas really benefitted from his demotion to middle innings, maybe the same could go well for Franklin.

Jim Tracy

We were joking a lot on Twitter about the decisions Jim Tracy is making with the lineup and the defense. Young in LF... not working. Mora at 2B... icky. Giambi at 1B... trainwreck.

There are times when circumstances leave you no choice on a matter. However, when you have Seth Smith and Ryan Spilborghs available and needing ABs, you can't have Eric Young Jr. in LF.

EY is faster, yes, but that duo is superior offensively and defensively, which makes it impossible to justify starting Young over either. It's not fair to him. It's not fair to the team. Save him for late inning pinch-running.

Aaron Cook

Is the underlying condition that hasn't been diagnosed. When will he put it together? He can't continue pitching like a 4th or 5th starter. He needs to be Aaron Cook -- a low end #2 or high end #3 -- for this team to matter in the NL West.

Day off

Thank you. Perfect timing.

Rockies Review breaks this one down.   Always good to get more than one honest fan perspective.