Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: It's Ubaldo's World

We're all just existing because he allows us to.

Rockies 5, Padres 2

Winning Player: Ubaldo Jimenez

Because he can establish a new career high 13 strikeouts without having his best stuff.

David Martin of Rockies Review made a really excellent point about Jimenez adjusting to San Diego's offensive appraoch, which assisted him in reaching that outstanding strikeout total. (Jimenez Baffles Padres)

Because he can strikeout Adrian Gonzalez three times in three ABs.  And, because he can pick up his teammates offensively when they fail.  His RBI single might have been the biggest AB of the entire game.

The kid/man/pitcher/baseball player is not made of the same material us mere mortals are made of. We just have to live with those facts and appreciate what we're watching.  It's special.

Save: Clint Barmes

Well... let's see.

There was the clutch two run double in the second.

There was the Chase Headley line drive he speared in the fifth to stop a rally.

And then he ended the game with a fine pickup and scoop to Tulowitzki.

Solid, winning player type of night for Clint. But not on a night that Ubaldo pitches.

I hear a lot of national media was in San Diego to see Jimenez pitch tonight.  Maybe some of them will not only take notice of how great Jimenez is, but maybe they can get some of these Rockies a much deserved Gold Glove.  Clint Barmes should have earned a closer look at the very least.

All around a good night for the ballclub.  If they can get a good night out of Greg Smith tomorrow, who knows, they could be ready to take off on a hot streak.  Can't wait for the first pitch.