Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Stress Free Francis

Rockies 3, Royals 0

Winning Player: Jeff Francis

He looks good doesn't he? I'm always a little cautious to say a guy's back to top form so soon after 21 months on the shelf... but damn, he's in really, really good form.

Everything is so smooth and effortless out there. He's locating precisely, he's setting hitters up 2-3 pitches ahead, and then he's attacking and finishing them off. That's the new wrinkle in Ubaldo's game that has put him over the top. For Francis, it's an old wrinkle that he has to live and survive by because he's not overpowering.

So far, so good.

I understand he came in to the game dealing with strep throat, so that just makes his endurance and performance.out there even more amazing.

Save: Manny Moe Belismelpas

Or just the bullpen. Great work by Manny, Matt and Joe to secure Jeff's fantastic work.


Did enough... today.

Credit where it's due to Tulowitzki for driving one out to the opposite field. Smith and Olivo also went oppo for extra base hits in the 7th inning. So maybe we can say a couple guys are close to turning the corner.

Much better job in the middle innings extending Kyle Davies' pitch count. He had pretty good stuff today... maybe not as good as the Rockies made it look, but he had them off balance. Those ABs (especially ones by Tulo and Hawpe) got the Rockies into the bullpen early enough to extend their lead.

Still, there's a lot of work and improvement that needs to happen quickly. At least we saw a couple flashes.

Zack Greinke

The Rockies path back to .500 is blocked by Mr. AL Cy Young himself. IF they can somehow get past him, like they did with Halladay, maybe that will get things on track for a good long stretch.

Seriously, when you think about all the crap and nonsense, if they can head home at 22-22, you almost have to feel relieved and take solace in the likelihood that the best of the Rockies is still yet to come.

If you lose.

Well, then you lose. All optimism out the window again.