Friday, May 21, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Avoiding A Royally Cliched Headline

Unfortunately the Rockies couldn't avoid another cliched performance from their woeful offense.

Royals 9, Rockies 2

There is no losing player tonight. There's an entire losing team that has zero fire and zero guts.

It continues to be sad and frustrating to watch them be satisfied simply going through the motions against awful teams they should be mauling and taking advantage of.

This is the easiest effing roadtrip the Rockies have all season.

Hell, it might be the easiest roadtrip they've had in five years.

Cubs, Astros and Royals.


The Rockies offense has been shutdown by the likes of Carlos Silva, Randy Wells, Felipe Paulino and Brian Bannister this week. These aren't exactly the Tim Lincecum's and Dan Haren's of the world, folks. Jim Tracy can't ramble on his pregame radio show about the talented NL West arms holding the offense down.

These are cupcake pitchers looking like world beaters.

By the way... How do you think they're going to fare against Zack Greinke on Sunday?

I might suggest they find a way to win tomorrow against Kyle Davies or we're going to be facing a real possibilty of being swept in KC for the second time in three seasons.

If that happens... Don Baylor better not be in the dugout come Monday.

This team is unprepared for their daily matchups. That was obviously the case when Troy Tulowitzki attempted to run first-to-third on David DeJesus in the second inning and was thrown out by a mile. DeJesus had to be licking his chops when he saw Tulo round second right in front of him. The easiest assist he'll have this season.

Know who's playing where and who's doing what.  Read a scouting report.

They didn't make Brian Bannister work nearly hard enough. Just check the pitch count on the right.  He was never stressed one time until after the Royals batted 20 minutes in the 7th. Then he finally wore down.


And you know what the saddest part of tonight's game was?

Listening to the Kansas City Royals announcers yucking it up and having a good old time at the Rockies expense. Who could blame them? They aren't used to seeing their team look that dominant against anyone. This might have been the highlight of their season.

If it's not their high point, I pray to the baseball gods it's the Rockies low point. It couldn't possibly get uglier... could it?


David Martin said...

Disgusting. No doubt about it. Going through the motions is exactly what this team is doing. At what point is Don Baylor on the chopping block? You care completely right, this team is under prepared day in and day out/