Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Dink & Dunk Dodgers

Dodgers 6, Rockies 5

There's no other way to say this...

The Dodgers are annoying.

Annoying because they ALWAYS play the game the right way against the Rockies. They can look like complete garbage for stretches -- like their series with Milwaukee for example -- and they will always find a way to right the ship against the Rockies.

The Rockies do their part in that as well. When a team has your number like this, you have to tighten up the strings. That didn't happen tonight. The defense let down young Esmil Rogers. The end result was another loss to the Dodgers.

Same script.  Different season.

These Dodgers are not a better baseball team than the Rockies, but they are really good at getting the Rockies to make errors. They're good at moving runners. They're good at two-out RBI hits. They're much better at finding open grass with their softest hits.

Like I said... ANNOYING.

And, well, Andre Ethier is just studly.  That's also annoying.

Esmil Rogers

Good potential here. He wasn't sharp tonight, but he has a couple pitches that will wow you. A little more confidence in those pitches, a little more consistency with the command, and a little more help from the defense will set this kid up for success.

His line should have read only 2 runs tonight. All he needed was two plays made behind him.

Losing Player: Clint Barmes

One of those plays was not made by the usually sure-handed Clint Barmes.  It's play he'll tell you he should have made. It's a play he makes 499 times out of 500. He just didn't tonight.

It led directly to two runs. Again, this was a one run game. Do the math.

Sorry Clint.  Has to be you.