Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Game. What Game?

The Rockies played this afternoon?

Giants 6, Rockies 1

Well damn.

All sarcasm and frustration aside, this one went about as bad as you'd expect it to go with the pitching matchup.

It wasn't favorable.

The Rockies just couldn't get a thing going against Matt Cain, which has happened a few times before. The one chance they did have in the second was quickly washed away by lack of contact.

Cain then finished his day by retiring 15 in a row.

It wasn't pretty (not that I could see it)... but at least it was over quickly.

Losing Player: Everyone

It would be easy to say Esmil Rogers because he walked some too many guys and wasn't really effective, but honestly, he could have been almost perfect and this game wasn't going to go much different. It's totally unfiar to single him.

It was a team wide fail and a team wide loss.

It was a game I'm glad I didn't have to watch.

And you know what else?

I'm glad I'm not obligated to write more about the game than that.

Saturday's night alright for feeling better about bad baseball. Everyone have a good one.