Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rock Solid Rant: Taco Drought Reaches 12th Day

These are no longer recaps or recraps.  These are rants.

The Rockies have been reduced to a team that gets beat by Tommy Manzella (.150 vs. right-handers) bloops  and Humberto Quintero blasts.

The Rockies are in deep... trouble.

Let the players continue to tell us they're in a better position than last season.  And the season before that.  And the season before that.


Guess who else is in a better position than last season.  And the season before that.  So on.

The San Diego Padres.  The Atlanta Braves.  The Cincinnati Reds.  Oh, and don't forget about the Phillies, Cardinals, Dodgers and Giants.

The National League is the deepest it's been in what... 10 years?  That's what makes this start so concerning.  Yes, you have a better record, but you don't have a better spot.  Yes, you're probably going to play better at some point, but you can just assume one good winning streak is going to do the trick it has two of the past three seasons.  Not with so many teams playing legit good baseball.

It also makes these games against crap teams like Arizona and Houston twice as important.  Now you have to beat all those teams listed to gain ground.  Not only beat them, but beat them a lot.

Good luck with that.  It's a lot easier to move down the standings than it is to move up.

Astros 5, Rockies 4

Losing Person: Jim Tracy

For throwing Jhoulys Chacin under the bus in his postgame press conference.

Are you ****ing kidding me?  The offense wets the bed for the 12th straight day, the defense lapses again at a key moment, and you make it a point to call the 22 year old pitcher who's done his job more times than not "sloppy"?

Listen, he wasn't always sharp today, there's no denying that.  And this is what... his 6th or 7th start?  You definitely expect some growth at this point.  But Jim Tracy... you can't expect him to be your #2 or #3 starter.  He won't be consistent enough from inning to inning.  That's a part of his growth.  Just like it was for Ubaldo and Francis and Cook and De La Rosa.

You need to support him with offense and defense.  And more important than that, you need to support him after the game.

That just irritates me.  It's probably not as big a deal as I'm making it out to be.  Maybe I'm being too easy on Chacin.  It just irritates me.  I mean if you're going to say that about Jhoulys today, shouldn't Tracy have been quoted saying the same thing about Chris Iannetta last night?  Be consistent with it at least.


I need a walk.

And a tylenol.