Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: A Step Towards Manhood

Rockies 2, Red Sox 1

Winning Player: Jhoulys Chacin

There are starts in the Major Leagues, and then there are starts in the Major Leagues against the Boston Red Sox (and their ace) in your home ballpark.

No problem, huh kid?

Seriously, to embrace that challenge, knowing your team's scoring opportunities will be limited, and knowing the reputation of the lineup you're facing, shows the makeup Chacin has. It's all there. It's all going to be on full display at some point real soon.

There are still some steps remaining for young Jhoulys Chacin to reach that level...

  • Slowing the heartbeat a little bit when there's traffic  
  • Getting comfortable in the stretch
  • Repeating the same motion  
  • Not overthinking a situation  
  • Trusting his stuff
... but tonight was a large step in the right direction on many fronts. Tonight you could clearly see why the Rockies (and all scouts who have seen him) visualize him as a fixture in their rotation for years to come. Tonight was pretty damn special.

Speaking of special. A pretty special night for Chris Nelson.

Nelson made his first ML start at third base -- a position he hasn't seen much of throughout in baseball playing days -- and had an up and down game there. However, it was his first ML hit in the 5th inning that led directly to the Rockies first run.

Another First

Huston Street was in the building and active. Manny Corpas was in the building but not available after pitching four straight days (two very poorly).

Enter Matt Belisle.

It was shaky at times, but Belisle earned his first save since 2005 -- first as a Rockie. That opportunity was made possible by Rockies bullpen cornerstones, Rafael Betancourt and Joe Beimel, holding the Red Sox in check. It was also made possible by possibly the defensive play of the year for Colorado.

Clint ****ing Barmes! (Video Highlight)

I don't know how important this game will look in the standings for Colorado or Boston 3 1/2 months from now, but I do know I'll remember this game for four very specific reasons.
  1. Jhoulys Chacin pitched a gem. 
  2. Chris Nelson's first hit
  3. The bad bounce single by Spilly. 
  4. Clint Barmes robs Mike Lowell.
What a game.


Jerry said...

The decision on Cook is getting more interesting by the day. De La Rosa back in two weeks.