Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Take A Walk, Pap

As excited as Drew Goodman was on the Rockies broadcast, I'm glad I was listening to Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy on the Boston call for NESN. Hearing opposing announcers attempt to talk over the roar of the crowd in a somber/stunned tone is like music to my ears.

Tonight... the music came via the longball, and the music makers were two of the Rockies strongest, but most frustrated left-handed bombers.

Video: Ian Stewart's Game-Tying Bomb

Video: Jason Giambi Walk-Off

That never gets old.

And as good as it feels every damn time it happens, how much better does it feel coming against the Boston Red Sox, knowing Red Sox Nation was silenced and sent back to their hotels or whatever hole they crawl out of during the day.

On top of THAT, it feels great that the Rockies were able to bail out Ubaldo Jimenez for a change. He was been single-handedly keeping the team above water for two months. For the offense to come to his rescue tonight will just give Jimenez even more motivation to bounce back.

Which he will. No excuses!

Forget the flu talk. Forget fatigue. Forget any excuse you've heard.

Let's give Boston credit for being a good offensive team. Good teams hit your mistakes. Good teams lay off your best swing-and-miss pitches. Good teams work the pitch count. Boston did all those things in the middle innings.

Its not like Ubaldo was completely awful. He cruised through four of the six innings. It's just when he didn't make his pitches, Boston got him. It's as simple as that. It doesn't mean anything other than that, and it doesn't change anything he's accomplished so far.

Also, let's tip our caps in the direction of Jhoulys Chacin again. He deserves a lot more credit for how good he was last night.

And now... the real key to tonight's victory.

The Bullpen.

Criticized for recent struggles (not by me), the bullpen (Huston Street, Franklin Morales, Matt Belisle and Manny Corpas) quietly shut the Red Sox out the last three innings. This win is not possible without ALL four of them getting outs.

Yes, even Morales. They all played a role. They all contributed to the win in a big way. It's as good a team win as you'll see all season.

Enough said. Let's get'em again tomorrow.


Blake said...

I was there!! I was there!!

I wanted to tell Red Sox Nation to GTFO!! AND STAY OUT!! OF COORS FIELD. Rockies fans represented tonight