Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Cained Again

Giants 4, Rockies 1

So the Rockies didn't get the sweep they sought in San Francisco tonight.   There's one pretty good reason for that.

Matt Cain.

Cain, who may soon challenge Tim Lincecum for the "Giant Ace" title, was simply outstanding tonight. The Rockies could not sustain any type of offensive threat against him.  The only mistake he made was crushed by Troy Tulowitzki, but beyond that every pitch he made had a purpose and hit its spot.

When that happens, you just tip your cap and then hope your starter is Ubaldo Jimenez, or is channeling Ubaldo Jimenez.

Jeff Francis was neither.

Losing Player: Jeff Francis

This is the second start in a row where Francis started great, then hit not any old wall, but a solid brick wall in the middle innings. It was pretty clear early in the 5th that his stuff was becoming hittable.  He nearly escaped that inning thanks to a strike'em out throw'em out double play, but three well struck balls later, the Rockies trailed 2-1.

I wasn't too surprised when Francis came back out for the 6th - his pitch count was still well within reason - but I was a little shocked/concerned to see the bullpen wasn't firing just in case.  That would end up costing Francis and the Rockies two more runs.  Had Matt Daley been ready a batter sooner, there's at least a good chance those runs would have been avoided.

Not that it would have mattered.

Really not much else to say about this game.  You just tip your cap to Cain and be thrilled you got a series win in a ballpark that hasn't treated you well since the day its doors opened.

On to Arizona for the weekend, where a struggling D-Backs club is desperately searching for ways to stop sucking.   That makes me a little nervous.  How about you?