Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Scott Baker Was Dominant

Twins 2, Rockies 1

Those were among the final words on both the Twins and Rockies broadcasts tonight.

Scott Baker.

When I think of Scott Baker, I don't think about domination. I actually think...does it get anymore bland than Scott Baker?

Actually... it does. Randy Wells, Brian Bannister, Brandon Morrow, Felipe Paulino (twice), Brian Moehler, Dontrelle Willis, and on and on and on. All very bland, umimpressive piitchers that have made the Rockies offense look completely non-existent.

It's not a concern anymore. It's a problem. This offense has no life. It has no direction. They just keep swinging. They just keep missing. They have no clue how to get out of the funk they're in.

I know they prepare. I know they take batting practice. I know they read scouting reports. I just don't know how that, combined with the immense talent and potential up and down the lineup, doesn't translate into good offense. I don't how they can constantly look overmatched by average pitchers.

I won't let Don Baylor off the hook. I don't think he adds a damn thing to the Rockies from any perspective. Certainly hasn't improved the offense even a smidge in his time as htting coach.

That said, the players have to take ownership of this thing. They have to overcome whatever this is, and they have to do it themselves. They can't keep waiting around for that spark, because Rockies management isn't going to provide that for them.

Giving Away Outs

I know there are fans out there that liked Clint Barmes bunting down 2-0, 1st and 2nd with no outs in the 8th inning.

 I hated it.

I hated it because this team isn't good enough to give away outs when trailing in the late innings. Why take the pressure off the defense and put it back on you?

I hated it because it killed any small momentum the Rockies.

I hated it because the message I got from it was "we're playing to hopefully tie the game here".

I hated it because the message I didn't get was "we're trying to win this game right now".

Not surprisingly, they didn't win the game.

That type of stuff just makes me think the whole team is playing/managing not to lose. Which might actually be true, but as a fan, I don't want to think they think that. Unfortunately, I'm kinda left with nothing else to think that.

Anywho. Now all the pressure in back squarely on the shoulders of Ubaldo Jimenez to avoid a sweep. He may need to throw 12 shutout innings just to have a chance because Francisco Liriano is dealing for the Twins this season. Then again, maybe it'll be one of those days when the offense surprises us. I guess we'll know it about 15 hours or so.

Oh, and all things considered Jhoulys Chacin did keep his team in the game tonight.  He still needs to pick up his aggressiveness.  Attack these hitters.  His stuff is good enough, he's just not completely confident in it or simply can't command it yet.  He will though.  He'll be fine.