Monday, June 21, 2010

A Trade Request To Dan O'Dowd

Mr. O'Dowd,

I'm not one to discuss or dream up trade rumors because I think it's a waste of time and energy for people with little knowledge of the inner-workings of trade talks to pretend like we have that knowledge.

This is just me pitching the name of a player out there that I like.

Jhonny Peralta -- IF -- Cleveland

He's 28.  By all accounts he has a reasonable contract.  Most importantly, the Indians sound willing to part company with him.

He's topped 20 HRs three times since 2005.  He averages roughly 80 RBI a season over that period of time.  He also plays two positions the Rockies currently need assistance at.

SS is his primary position.  He's no Troy Tulowitzki, very few are, but he could help the Rockies withstand the loss of Tulo for a number of weeks.

When that time passes, and maybe even before then, Peralta is a fine candidate to get ABs at 3B from Ian Stewart.  Let's face it, you need better production from the hot corner offensively.  A platoon there involving those two could maximize some production there.

What happens to Melvin Mora?

Well, we've seen he can play a little LF.  He could get ABs there, but the ultimate use for Mora is a platoon with Helton at 1B, while serving as a PH.  Jason Giambi would be the odd man out of this scenario.

I just wanted to throw Peralta's name out there.  Aaron Hill, Dan Uggla, Kelly Johnson, Craig Counsell are all names that intrigue me.  Names like Ryan Theriot, Cesar Izturis, Kaz Matsui, Julio Lugo and Adam Everett do not interest me.  In fact, I never want to hear those names linked to the Rockies again.

I like Peralta better than all of them.  Where he plays makes sense.  The money seems to make sense.  I don't know if they talent would match up, but you can always dangle Franklin Morales, right?

Thank you for reading, Mr O'Dowd.  I appreciate your time.

Mark R. Townsend
Heaven & Helton


Blake said...

I don't mind Barmes and Herrera up the middle. I also like your idea of Peralta, would prefer Uggla. I however would trade a third baseman that can hit a baseball.