Friday, June 18, 2010

Ubaldo Is A True Stopper

Did you know that in five different series this season, Ubaldo Jimenez has prevented the Rockies from being swept?

Granted, not all five wins have come in the final game of the series, but five different times he has pitched his team to their lone victory in a series.

Did you know that of those five, ALL five came on the road?

April 5th in Milwaukee (Opening Day)

April 17 in Atlanta (The No-Hitter)

May 20th in Houston (The Cramp Game)

June 6th in Arizona

June 17th in Minnesota

Everyone weighs Opening Day pretty heavily, so you can easily say all of those wins came at a time the team badly needed one.  There really are no limits to how special he has been, and how important he is to the team.