Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Say No To Theriot!

It's the name that won't go away.  

Ryan Theriot.

Rockies interested in Theriot.

Theriot a fit in Colorado.

Dan O'Dowd has a man crush on Cubs Theriot.

Make.  It.  Stop!

Let me put this into a perspective that will capture your attention right away.  Chicago Cubs fans dislike Ryan Theriot more than Colorado Rockies fans dislike Franklin Morales.  That is not exaggeration, that is absolute fact.  Not only is it fact, but they are completely justified in doing so.

Theriot is not a smart baseball player.  You think some of the nonsensical base running we've seen from the Rockies lately is awful?  Ryan Theriot, when he does reach base, runs into outs more than anyone I've seen.  No instincts and no fundamental understanding of situations.

That doesn't just include base running.  He's a notorious first pitch swinger.  Batter before him walks on four pitches?  Theriot swings at the first pitch and pops up.  It's actually a major story among Cubs fans when Theriot doesn't swing at the first pitch.  He's just so set in his ways that he refuses to adjust his style.  Every situation is the same to him.

I don't know how the Rockies view him defensively.  I assume they're thinking he's a multi-position type player.  That's total BS.  Theriot is an awful SS.  He's a less that good 3B.  He's a decent 2B, but that's all he is.

He's an awful fit for this Rockies baseball team.  AWFUL.  It makes no sense on any level.  Whoever it is that actually sees value in him is seeing something so completely obscure or meaningless that it's not registering with me.

With Troy Tulowitzki, Clint Barmes, Johnny Herrera, Chris Nelson, EY, all in the mix for this Rockies team... no, don't want to hear Theriot's name in conjunction with the Rockies or Coors Field again after this weekend series with the Cubs.  Let him go to San Diego or somewhere where we can actually benefit from him.