Saturday, July 31, 2010

No News Is No News

Quick thoughts on the Rockies deadline inactivity.

I wouldn't have minded seeing the Rockies part with some higher salaried guys (Hawpe, Cook, even Barmes) that aren't producing up to par, thus opening up playing time for younger or cheaper guys (Chacin, Smith, Herrera/Young).

That said, when those are the guys you're trying to move, chances are the trade partners will be more difficult to find.

On the other side of the ledger, I'm quite pleased the Rockies didn't give up any pieces they covet for a longshot run at the playoffs.

Let's face it... it's a longshot. The Rockies always seem to have that run in them. I'm not doubting they can't make that run again this season. My only word of caution to Rockies fans in that regard is that the National League is a far better and deeper league as a whole then it was in those seasons.

In other words... a lights out run in 2010 doesn't guarantee a spot in the playoffs. It would have to be coupled by at least 3-4 ahead of them completely collapsing. I don't see that happening.

One quick note on a trade that didn't happen.

Per Tracy Ringolsy... The Rockies/Marlins deal that would have sent 1B/3B Jorge Cantu to Colorado would have involved Franklin Morales.

That would have been an awful trade in my estimation. Two months of Jorge Cantu for a kid I still believe will possess great value at some point would have bitten Dan O'Dowd in the ass.

That is why I trust Dan O'Dowd. He doesn't make the trade that will bite him in the ass -- not because he's afraid to take a chance, but because he has a firm grasp on what makes the most sense for his team.  That's all he's tuned into.  He's not worried about public opinion or making a splash.  He's worried about making the Rockies a better baseball team.

Also remember there is a slight possibility for trades in August. Players have to clear waivers in order to be moved between now and August 31st (the deadline for players to be eligible to make the playoff roster) though. I would assume guys like Aaron Cook and Brad Hawpe could clear waivers with their salaries, so I would say we can't assume just yet that the Rockies are standing pat in 2010.

Time will tell.

A decent explanation of the August 31st trade deadline can be found here.