Friday, July 2, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Rockies Finally Investing In Insurance

Insurance runs? What the hell are those? That's foreign terminology to this Rockies team.

Or at least it USED to be foreign.

The turnaround actually began in San Diego, but we've seen the Rockies offense really step up big the 8th inning these first two Giant games.

Each game was 4-3 at the time. Rockies extended it to 7-3 last night thanks largely to Miguel Olivo, and 6-3 tonight. That's huge not only for your confidence, but equally huge for crushing your opponent's hope.

I think the term most like to use is "killer instinct".  We're starting to see it.

Ian Stewart

Stewie had a 10-pitch AB as a pinch-hitter late in last night's game. That AB resulted in a popup, but I was encouraged. Stewart then built on that tonight with good ABs against Lincecum, and another extended AB against a lefty. This time it was the veteran Jeremy Affeldt, and this time it resulted in a leadoff walk.

That leadoff walk set off the crucial 8th inning. I'd even call it a game changing AB with how the inning played out.

Clint Barmes

Sizzling hot.

A two-run bomb off Tim Lincecum in the 2nd. Then he kept the 8th inning going with a single through the left side. I don't know how long he can keep this up, but let's just enjoy this ride while it lasts. The defense will never falter, so he'll always be contributing one way or another.

He didn't do too bad in the marriage depeartment either. Hey, she's cute. She may struggle a little when the red light is on, but how many of us would do any better? At least she's willing to go on TV. Where are the other Rockies wives when it comes to making TV appearances?

Dexter Fowler

When Aaron Cook failed to get the bunt down all the pressure completely shifted to Dexter. He needed to have a quality AB to save the inning, and the kid came through. He honestly seemed unphased by the situation and very comfortable up there, which is something we didn't see at all for two months.

He battled Affeldt tooth and nail before delivering the knockout blow -- an RBI double into left field. He also pulled a triple into the corner off Lincecum. His patience is improved times ten. This version of Dexter Fowler is the one that will have a long, long ML career.

Jonathan Herrera

The pain in the ass came through with a two strike sacrifice fly against Lincecum. He then came back in the 8th and executes a PERFECT suicide squeeze.

Baseball player.

No fanfare. No hype. No nothing coming in. That's why big stats and size are so overvalued when enaluating a player's true worth. This kid just plays winning baseball.

Jhoulys Chacin

Whether it be Ryan Zimmerman or Aubrey Huff, Chacin always seems to have that one guy in the lineup that hurts him. Hey, one guy is better than nine, right?

He's progressing well from a pitching standpoint and also flashed some athleticism starting a 1-6-3 DP. Special things are right around the corner. Hopefully all of them take place in the big leagues as a Rockie.

Huston Street

Very impressed how he's quickly settled back into being Huston Street. I honestly expected some bumps in the road right off the bat, especially after Huston struggled a couple times in AAA, but he's cleaning everything up. He's as sharp as you need him to be.

Nate Schierholtz

The only big negative tonight... Rockies need to learn quickly that this guy has a cannon and it's accurate. Stop running on him! The extra base isn't there.


Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Barry Zito

Hey, let's crush these Giants while the crushing is good.  They desperately need a confidence boost.  A win over Jimenez would surely qualify as that, and would likely turn them around completely.  It's important to not allow that to happen.  Big game.