Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rock Solid Recapping A Sweep Of The Redbirds

Sweeps don't get any sweeter in the early portion of July.

I know it bothers a lot of people when the opposing team brings a huge following with them to Coors Field.


I love it.


Because the Rockies play their absolute best baseball when that stadium is packed and the emotions are running high. This team feeds off the atmosphere, especially when it seems to be a 60/40 Rockies split or 50/50.

And better than that?

You get to witness the frustration and anguish of your rival's fans as they trudge back to their hotels or sewer drains. Seriously... does it get any better than that?

Actually... it does.

Ubaldo Jimenez

Jimenez was absolutely on his game today. The splitter was, as Jim Tracy mentioned postgame, the best it's been all season. It was unhittable. He was confident in his fastball. He was efficient with his pitches. Only 94 through 8 innings.

I was extremely shocked when Tracy decided to pull Jimenez after eight, but with Huston Street back in the fold, Tracy elected to save some bullets while also showing confidence in his closer. For Jim's sake I'm glad it worked out because he would have faced some tough questions had that 9th inning blown up on him.

Jason Giambi

First of all, congratulations to the big man on career game #2,000. That's an awesome number and accomplishment.

Second, does he know how to celebrate in style or what? 4-for-4 today with 2 RBI and a run? It's only the third time in his 2,000 games that he's had 4 singles in one game. It was his 17th four hit game overall.

Meanwhile, Todd Helton rests at home as his replacements combine for 7-for-8 the last two nights. I'm sure no person in the world is happier about that than Todd.

Highlights: Giambi's 1st RBI & 2nd RBI

Dexter Fowler

On base again three times. Started the game off with a hit and scored right away. If he felt slighted by not being named NL Player of the Week last week, he's going about his anger in the proper way. He's an early contender for the award this week, along with Giambi, and a handful of others around the league.

Brad Hawpe

Returned to the lineup with two hits and an RBI. The RBI came with two outs in the first. Those are always nice to get, and that counts doubly with Ubaldo on the mound.

Highlight: Hawpe's RBI Single

That just about covers today's game. I tweeted last night that I wouldn't be offended if the Rockies won a simple 5-2 game every now and then. Today was 4-2, so I'll definitely take that as well.

Of course I'm not opposed to high stress wins. I'll take the wins any way you can get'em. I'd just like them spread out a little more over the course of a season!

Bonus Highlight: Yadier Molina comes through


The first place Padres come to town. Let's see if we can't change that wording by the time the Padres leave town on Sunday.

We'll also welcome Jorge De La Rosa back to the rotation. He defeated San Diego in the Rockies home opener back in April.