Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Back To The Winning Formula

Remember how I broke it down on Friday night?

1. Superstars

Four more hits (8 total bases/3 RBI/SB) for Cargo. That good enough?

Another multi-hit game for Tulowitzki + a 2-out RBI + SB. Money.

2. Starting Pitching

Though Esmil Rogers fell short of the statistically defined "quality start," I would still give him the nod on that distinction. Quality, as in, given a lead, he didn't shy away from contact. He made Pittsburgh earn their way in to the run column. When he got himself to the brink of a major jam, he made his pitch to get out of it with very limited damage.

I liked what I saw. I think there's room for him to continue improving, though I think he'll fit the bill as a #5 just fine if his starts all resemble this one.

And hey, he could prove to be a valuable guy sitting around on the bench. He really helped his own cause with two doubles this afternoon. The first one, a 2-out RBI double -- that was followed by a Fowler 2-out RBI double -- in my opinion, was the game clincher.

And don't forget the sac bunt that led directly to a run. That's quality!

3. Defense

Again... we can't punish the entire defense for a Melvin Mora mishap. Today it what the poor footwork routine we saw from him in San Diego.

Okay, fine, there was the errant pick-off throw by Esmil. Two error games won't win very often on the road. Then again, when the home team commits two of their own, plus the poor baserunning, your chances for survival are back to even.

At least Colorado avoided the sloppy, non-error defensive breakdowns we've become accustomed to in key road games.

4 Role Players

Dexter Fowler reached base three times, scored twice, collected two 2-out RBI. You'll take that everyday from the top of the order.

Spilborghs chipped in two hits and some good RF.

Joe Beimel, Matt Belisle and Rafael Betancourt with three shutout innings of relief. Good stuff.


Rockies can relax in the Big Apple.


It's Ubaldo Jimenez going toe-to-toe with Mike Pelfrey.

Even with the pitching match up overwhelmingly in the Rockies favor, they're still going to have to earn it.