Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: One To Be Cherished

A road win.

A road win in Los Angeles.

A road, win, in Los Angeles, when the Rockies didn't even play a perfect game.

A sign of good things to come, or a sign of how far the Dodgers have fallen over the past six weeks? I'll allow you to make your own determinations.

All I know is a win is a win, and the Rockies don't get near enough of those under the circumstances which they played tonight.

This game featured a high level of wackiness. It wasn't pretty. In fact, there were some baseball coaches in Williamsport, PA preparing for a Little League tournament this weekend that made their kids turn off the television.

I'll shy away from focusing on that. Well, normally I wouldn't, but since we're pushing 2 AM here, and we're a little emotional over the release of Brad Hawpe, I'll just keep this short, sweet, and positive.

Jason Hammel -- Quality outing. Continues to do an amazing job of keeping his team in games, he just isn't getting wins to show for it. Oh well, his strong work is appreciated.

Huston Street -- Back on the horse with a save. Shaky? To a degree, but it's not like not the Dodgers killed him. The bloop single that nearly tied the game would have been an easy flyout 100 times out of 100 with Scott Podsednik batting, but the Rockies were in extreme no doubles mode, and the ball dropped.

Troy Tulowitzki saved the day -- Highlight

Carlos Gonzalez saved the day first -- Highlight

He should be fine in a couple days. Just a bruise.

Brad Hawpe -- Again, thanks for the contributions. Brad went out the way you'd expect him too, with a basehit.

Eric Young -- Web Gem.

Melvin Mora -- The rarely "pesky" Mora was quite the nuisance out there. Mora reached and scored the winning run without him or any other Rockie putting a baseball in play. He simply created a run with his legs. And was maybe slightly aided by Octavio Dotel's yips. Highlight

Tomorrow This Evening

Rockies will try to win a series in LA for the first time ever... or at least a really long time.

Jorge De La Rosa vs. Ted Lilly

Everybody get rested up and ready for some more late night action.