Friday, August 20, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: West Coast Flop

It would only be human nature if Brad Hawpe sat at home with his wife and cracked a smile as Ryan Spilborghs dropped a flyball and the Rockies offense was shutout for the 4th time in six road games.

He probably didn't, but I know I would. I don't know if it would be out of joy, relief, or maybe a little of both, but to see this effort come right after my release would put a smile on my face. A big one.

Ted Lilly is a very good starting pitcher at the major league level. No one would argue that he is a strong #2 for a contending team, and could even serve as a #1 on some lower level squads. If he's your #3, you're golden.

He's made a lot of money. He's had his moments. He has his dominant outings, like the near no-hitter against the White Sox earlier in this season. I can't and won't take anything away from him.

He's just not Sandy Koufax, which is how the Rockies made him look tonight. You absolutely tip your cap to Lilly, but we're all smart enough to know what we witnessed tonight. It's the same garbage we've witnessed all season... and it's not acceptable.

The Rockies mounted exactly one meaningful threat. That came in the first inning. It died quickly. The Dodgers scored two on a Reed Johnson HR in the second. The Rockies offense then folded like an accordion. Lilly retired 19 or so in a row at one point, en route to a complete game, 2-hit shutout.

I wish I had an original thought to offer you on what I witnessed tonight. For more on Baylor I will defer you to David Martin of Rockies Review. Pay special attention to his description of Dexter Fowler's 9th inning at-bat. Possibly one of the worst at-bats of the entire season.

On the positive...

Jorge De La Rosa was really good tonight. His one mistake was a costly one, but he pitched out of a couple jams (one created by Spilly dropping the flyball) and made a really nice showing for himself.

As did the debuting Matt Reynolds. Two batters up, two batters down -- and in the process made a professional hitter, Casey Blake, look pretty silly. They say Reynolds is more than a lefty specialist. Whoever "they" are were made to look pretty smart on this evening.

Here's to a long, fruitful career for Matt Reynolds. Hopefully all or most of it with the Rockies.


Where next? Arizona? I'm the biggest Rockies fan there is, but it may take a little motivation to catch this game.

Esmil Rogers vs Ian Kennedy

Well, I suppose watching and making another assessment on Esmil Rogers will make it worth the while. Be back with another recap in 24 hours.