Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Disappointing

That's the word that keeps running through my mind over and over again.  

What a disappointing effort in what could have been a breakthrough type of victory.  Kinda like the win over LA was on Sunday, where you get a monkey off your back, finally win a series against the Dodgers.  Tonight could have been that game on the road.

Wasn't to be.

Rockies have no one to blame but themselves.

A couple of opportunities arose early, but the timely hitting wasn't there, and then when a hit did come, poor base running had already wiped out the scoring chance.  They actually gave away two outs on the bases in that 4th inning.

It was at that point that I tweeted.
@Townie813 I hope the Giants give this one away like last night, because the Rockies don't look like a team that can win it themselves.
That didn't seem to go over well with some fans, but I can't pretend to be optimistic when the writing is on the wall.  There are nights you can just tell this team isn't winning unless a big a break goes their way (like last night).

The Rockies did hang around (thanks largely to Esmil Rogers and Melvin Mora), but the game-changing break never came, and the taxed bullpen crumbled.

That's why I wrote this last night...
This has to be a big offensive game for the Rockies. Rogers has struggled lately. Huston Street is a little gassed. The bullpen as a whole is tired. Best way to remedy such problems are to score early, score often, and score a couple more late.
Baseball isn't always difficult to figure out.  Sometimes you need the offense to carry you, and sometimes you reallllly need the offense to carry you.  Tonight was predictably one of those nights, and it didn't happen.


Not unexpected, but still disappointing.


Ubaldo Jimenez vs Tim Lincecum

We have a dandy pitching matchup.

More importantly, it's another opportunity to win a road series, regain some ground, and establish something positive.