Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Money & Time Well Saved

I hate to say it, but I'm glad I didn't commit any time or money into making the drive to St. Louis this weekend.

It looks like all the Rockies were willing to invest was the time and energy it takes to get on the plane.  Anything beyond that is too much to ask at this point.  What a shame.  I thought this team had pride, but I think once you have to question a team's pride more than five times in a season, it's probably not there.

Some of the player's have it, don't get me wrong about that, but not nearly enough of them do to make the team competitive in the face of adversity.  Not enough pride, too much apathy.

As David Martin said in his recap, I hope they find enough motivation within themselves to at least help Ubaldo Jimenez out on Saturday.  That would give all of us something to feel good about as we head into what will be the most important winter of the Dan O'Dowd era.

I do need to acknowledge Dexter Fowler for notching 14 triples.  To me anything over 10 is astonishing, even playing in Coors Field, and especially when you spent a good month in the minors.  Great accomplishment for him.  Hopefully he comes back next year looking to use the gaps to his advantage again, and who knows, maybe 20 triples are within reach.

Also, nice work by Manny Delcarmen, Edgmer Escalona and Samuel Deduno out of the bullpen.  If the offense had actually decided to work some ABs and put a little pressure on Chris Carpenter, the door for a comeback would have been open thanks to their fine work.


Jorge De La Rosa vs Jake Westbrook

Could this be Jorge's final start with the Rockies?  Only his agent knows.