Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 10

Rangers 16, Rockies 5  (Boxscore)


Brad Hawpe

He played!  He didn't foul one of his infect toenail!  He even had two doubles.  

Andrew Johnston

The only Rockie to throw a complete scoreless inning on Thursday.  He's a darkhouse, folks.  He now has three scoreless innings on the spring, and he could provide the bullpen spark that Matt Daley provided last season should the Rockies need one.  Keep an eye on him.


Aaron Cook

Well, what can you say about this one for Cookie?  It was ugly,  He didn't fool anyone.  He will have two or three like this in the regular season when the sinker isn't sinking.  Maybe it'll be one less now that he got this one out of the way.  Who knows?  Just don't sweat this one.  

Franklin Morales

Franklin you can sweat a little bit.  Something just isn't clicking here.  Okay, nothing is clicking here for Morales.  With Street and Betancourt slowly working their way into shape, it would have been nice to see Morales coasting along into his expected role. but he's obviously still learning something.  I don't know.  He needs a good outing like right now before his confidence goes too far down the tubes.