Monday, February 21, 2011

Huston Street appears in ESPN fantasy baseball commercial

A couple disturbing things I noticed there... well, aside from the two men taking an ice bath together.

1. Seeing Huston Street with ice strapped to his shoulder made me freak out. Not that there's anything abnormal about a pitcher icing his shoulder, but just seeing that image a week into spring training brings back bad memories.

2. The prototypical meathead fantasy owner hit on a touchy subject for me: Jim Tracy's overuse of the former all-star closer, and really every closer he's ever employed.

In fact, I could almost picture Jim Tracy himself having the conversation with Huston in the ice tub, begging and convincing him he could throw a third or fourth day in a row because he's a team player.

3. Is that your foot? WTF?

Hat tip to @JMurph72 for posting the video. You can follow him on the Twitter.