Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ubaldo hits the DL

The Colorado Rockies placed pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez on the 15-day DL this morning.

Smartest thing they could. Eliminate any pressure Jimenez might feel to rush to his recovery to make a start Friday, Sunday, whenever. Get this thing healed.

"It's never good to go on the DL," Jimenez said. "But I need to be able to help the team. It's getting better, but I still feel pain when I grip the ball."

"If (Jimenez) is not ready, then what can that lead to?" manager Jim Tracy said this morning as the Rockies prepared to play the Dodgers this afternoon. "I don't want to be involved in something like that. We need to make sure he is right."

Yes, it's scary to think Jimenez had these issues last season, rested for six months and now they have returned. That concerns me, but obviously this is the worst case he's dealt with. That means the Rockies and Jimenez both need to focus on finding a better solution to the problem. Hopefully that's what this time is used to do.

As far as Greg Reynolds getting the callup. He'll get a couple starts at most (we hope, being optomistic). If I'm the Rockies I make sure both of those come in the upcoming roadtrip against Pittsburgh and New York.