Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Offense makes an exciting mid-game cameo

It was nice to see the Rockies offense show up in the middle innings against Barry Enright. After the first three innings, it seemed as though we'd be going down the familiar path that frustrated us over the past ten days or so, but the good guys finally put together some good at-bats, and more importantly, made them count for something.

Rockies 6, Diamondbacks 4 (boxscore)

You're about to read a sentence you never thought you'd see...

Ian Stewart got the offense started with a big two-out, RBI double.

You read that correctly, but it's still worth repeating.

Ian Stewart got the offense started with a two-out, RBI double. Granted, it was one of the weirder doubles I've seen with how poorly Justin Upton played it, but Ian hit it really high, which is quite an improvement over his other 30 at-bats, and Upton Pat Burrell'd it. We'll take the run and Ian will accept his third hit of the year.

And better than that, it kept the inning alive for Chris Iannetta to do this...

That's how you put up a crooked number. And as always, we approve of Chris Iannetta being a difference maker.

The offense would continue its roll in the 5th, plating three more two out runs on a two-run double by Todd Helton, tying him with Lou Gehrig on the all-time doubles list with 534, and then Seth Smith singled home Todd.

I mean seriously, this Todd Helton guy can do some things with the bat.

Of course the Rockies squandered other run scoring opportunities, and the opposing starting pitcher Barry Enright (who can hit apparently) may not be the toughest guy they'll face, but it's still nice to see four big hits come with two outs. Those are money hits and money at-bats.

-- Carlos Gonzalez had two more hits and a walk. Everything is back on track with him, which was further evidenced by some really good takes in hitter's counts and with two strikes. No expansion of the zone. A lot of confidence and a lot of patience.

-- Jhoulys Chacin was good, but you're a little troubled by the home runs he's allowed over the past two starts and the walks allowed tonight with the 4-5 run lead. He's been pretty fortunate there haven't been a couple bloop hits here or there that have led to big innings.

But there's little doubt we're seeing something special developing with this kid. He's got the stuff, the makeup, the mindset. He's already terrific, and it's exciting to know there are still steps he can take to be better.

-- And then Huston Street began his defense of the Delivery Man of the Month Award with a true definition of a save after Matt Reynolds couldn't finish off the game against a couple lefties. I know, he allowed a couple singles himself before closing the door, but the results continue to be overwhelmingly positive for the most reliable closer in Rockies history.

Which of course means he's blowing his next save because I said that. I need to learn to shut up.

-- Rubber match tomorrow: Jason Hammel vs. Ian Kennedy. Jason Hammel seems to excel against other team's aces and second in commands. Let's hope for that to continue.