Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: Cy Vogelsong has no ring to it

The Rockies didn't respond to Jim Tracy's angry rant before Sunday's game, so he changed his approach to a much gentler (via @TroyRenck)...

Tracy said every team steps in pothole. That their mettle is being tested. That good teams get out of it sooner rather than later.

Probably a good way to go if he wants to keep his 25 homeboys on his side. Everybody knows they have to step up. That's not breaking news to anyone. But consistently throwing the players under the bus for their performance while taking none yourself is a good way to lose player and fan support. So at least he avoided doing the former for one day. 

Giants 3, Rockies 0 (boxscore)

-- One hit against Ryan Vogelsong in 6 1/3. There's no way to analyze that other than to say it's embarrassing. It can't happen.

-- Jorge De La Rosa did well to last six innings, but this wasn't a pretty start. Five walks. Forget everything else. Five walks against a team that quite honestly isn't much better off offensively than the Rockies are. De La Rosa should have dominated them.

-- Cody Ross is the definition of average... unless he's playing the Rockies or it's the postseason. It's amazing. That's what his career is built on.

-- Same goes for Freddy Sanchez the past two years. He's had a solid career overall, don't get me wrong, but the past two seasons he's Tony Gwynn against the Rockies. Threading every hole in the infield with precision.

-- Both Troy Tulowitzki and Seth Smith are reaching and pulling weak grounders. I guess the Carlos Gonzalez slump was contagious.

-- First thing every opposing analyst says about Franklin Morales: "He has terrific stuff but no idea how to harness it." Happens every time.

-- So the Rockies get swept in San Francisco, pushing the losing streak up to four. Yet here we sit on May 8th with a team that is positioned firmly above water.

Yes, it's frustrating to see games slip away and their record creep closer to .500. But this is so much better than watching .500 get further in their rear view mirror. But I will say they aren't getting anywhere without beating the Giants. We've seen this cost them in the past with the Dodgers, now it's happening with San Francisco.

-- Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Even the mothers of these two Giants fans...


Zachary said...

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