Friday, May 13, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: Everything is broken

That's the message I saw all Thursday night while attempting to write my Recrap. I found it to be a fitting message after Thursday's results. One that could also apply to Ubaldo Jimenez.

Ubaldo Jimenez is currently unavailable 

Ubaldo Jimenez is unavailable right now. We apologize for this interruption in his career.

All I kept thinking was "Dammit, work Blogger."

And then I started thinking "Dammit, I want Ubaldo to work, too."

I can't sit through another outing where he's htting low 90's on the gun. Where he's walking a pitcher twice. Where his body language screams "I can't do this, I have no confidence or feel for what I'm doing".

It's sad. We're past the point of excuses now. We need answers. Answers Jim Tracy apparently doesn't have or know how to find.

“I wish I knew … I wish I knew,’’ said Rockies manager Jim Tracy, when asked about Jimenez’s struggles. “I’ve done a lot of different things to try to get to the bottom of exactly where we’re at. … I wish I had an answer for you.’’

I don't care what Ubaldo is telling Jim Tracy, Bob Apodaca, Dan O'Dowd, whoever else is asking him questions, it's time to ignore him and it's time for the Rockies to charge of the situation. Make him get an MRI. Spend a sleepless night in the video room. Look back at how sound his mechanics were last season, and get them there again.

Find the answer.

Mets 9, Rockies 5 (boxscore)

Finding positves...

-- Clayton Mortensen was really good again, providing 2+ innings of scorless relief. Listen, I don't know how excited I should get about this guy, or if I should even get excited at all, but the production he's giving this team in whatever role they assign him has been outstanding. He earns more respect each time out.

-- Carlos Gonzalez walked three times.

-- Todd Helton is a treasure.

-- Johnny Herrera homered again. He's no Carlos Beltran, but it's nice to know he can run into one from either side of the plate on ocassion.

-- Troy Tulowitzki was 0-for-4, but that line drive to left field his last time up was encouraging. Bad result. But keep that swing.

I hate bunting...

Jim Tracy's decision to sacrifice with Dexter Fowler in the 8th with 1st and 2nd, no outs, down 7-5 made my head hurt. Yes, it's a by-the-book move. You're supposed to play for the tie at home and the win on the road. That's fine. I don't agree with it, but whatever, that's how it's written.

But to give away an out, any out, at any point of the game with this offense? You must be crazy. Throw the damn book away. Granted, Jose Lopez was coming up, which makes a double play more likely than a hit, but still. Lopez has power. He could have changed the game with one swing. Instead, predictably, you give away the out and the inning dies soon after.

Again, Tracy didn't necessarily make the wrong call. One hit by Jose Morales or Jason Giambi makes him look smarter. I would just like to see a more aggressive mindset offensively. Go for the win. Go for the big inning.


David Martin said...

I was shockingly happy about the blogger outage. I was sick of writing the same old thing every night...Rockies can't hit, Rockies can't find a way to win...felt like it was the same story every night.

Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your stuff.