Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: The frustration continues

My first choice would be for the Rockies to start winning some games. Like I said yesterday, a winning streak. Win two, then win three, then win four. That's what I'm looking for. But I'm so tired of seeing the same thing everyday I'd honestly settle for an 9-8 loss. I'm begging for something different. Anything different. And I'm sick of feeling awful for our pitchers.

The games are boring. Absolutely painful to sit through. I could be watching any number of other games on a given night, but I love the Rockies. I'm committed to them. Because of that I'm missing out. I hate that feeling, too.

I feel like my writing is getting boring too. I mean what the hell can you write about when it's the same story every night? As my Rockies pal Brian put it on Twitter.

@gorox1983 im glad i dont have a blog about the rockies cause it would be riddled with f words.

Brian, you should get a blog! That would be a joy to read. But since you don't, allow me to riddle this Mother... you know what with some F words to describe the Rockies offense.
  1. Futility 
  2. Fail 
  3. Flop 
  4. Floundering 
  5. Folding 
  6. Feeble 
  7. Faulty 
  8. Foul 
  9. Flaky
  10. Frustration!
Those are just the F words.

Padres 2, Rockies 0 (boxscore)

Ubaldo Jimenez: Terrific.He pitched his ass off again. Ran into trouble in the 5th, but little of that was his fault. The 1-1 pitch to Alberto Gonzalez that was right down the middle and called a ball. Then the 2-1 pitch where Gonzalez's checkswing was ruled a ball when he pretty clearly went. He's out of the inning right there, but Gonzalez's at-bat continued and that damn infield RBI single followed.

Ubaldo did make the lazy pitch to the opposing pitcher that cost him another run, but he's human. Really no need to focus on that.

Catcher Jose Morales also had an awful half inning there. He couldn't get down on a wild pitch that looked like an easy block. That would have kept the Kyle Phillips at first, meaning he doesn't score on the infield single. Morales had a really ugly passed ball a couple innings later, so this goes down as his roughest night in a Rockies uniform. He'd done really well in his role up to now.

Also, I have no anger for Chris Nelson's attempt on that play. He knocked the ball down. That's his main objective and he did it very well. It gave Tulowitzki a chance to pick it up and throw home. It just wasn't handled by Morales. Morales picks it, makes the tag, everyone looks good.

It's sad that one infield single has to be put under the microscope with four paragraphs. Jesus. But when your margin for error is minus 50, that play qualifies as a disaster.


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It makes no sense. Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason to their failures anymore. I don't get it.