Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: No sweep for us... again

Well crap, one of these days the Rockies need to go ahead and sweep somebody just to see how fun and satisfying it can be. Like that time in New York when...

I'm digressing already. A series victory on the road is something I'll definitely accept with a smile on my face. That makes two straight winning series on the road, and five unbeaten series overall with the home split with the Dodgers mixed in there.

Definitely a lot better baseball than we saw in May.

Indians 4, Rockies 3 (boxscore)

Jason Hammel: Alright, aside from the balk, which was bizarre and possibly the most herpy derp moment of the season, was Hammel really all that bad? I didn't think so. Frustrating in a couple innings? Of course. But who isn't?

He lost command for a short time in the third inning. Then the balk.

I don't know? Brain cramp? Thought the batter called timeout? Back spasm?


From Thomas Harding on Twitter:

Rox P Jason Hammel on balk: "I picked up that runner at third, looked home, started my motion and just forgot what I was throwing."

Sooooooooo... chances are Matt Pagnozzi would have been crossed up and a wild pitch or passed ball results, which also scores a run. Possibly he throws a fat pitch that results in multiple runs. In that regard, it could have been worse. But I don't think I can ever recall hearing about a pitcher forgetting what he was throwing mid-windup.

It's a pretty mind-boggling loss of concentration to be honest.

He also had a tough 6th where he made the bad pitch to Travis Hafner, who doesn't miss bad pitches these days.

I can't pin the loss on Hammel despite that. It's not like he went out there and blew the game completely. The 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th innings were really good. In fact, I'm not going to pin the loss on anyone. It was just a loss. Not fun, mostly frustrating, but not one that angered me like so many before it have.

Lineup: No problem with it at all. Helton was showing signs of needing a day, which ultimately becomes two. Chris Iannetta is a catcher. His day off needs no explanation. And Charlie Blackmon hadn't received a day since his callup. Maybe staggering them a little differently would be more ideal, but I was really fine with it.

You'd hope you could get a little more from the bench guys who played - Herrera, Spilborghs and Pagnozzi combined to go 2-for-10. You need those guys eventually. You can't ignore them. So no problems here with Jim Tracy tonight.

Ty Wigginton: I'm sorry his two home runs have to be mentioned this late. It's really nice to have him swinging well and Seth Smith swinging well at the same time. That takes a lot of pressure - or at least it should - off Tulowitzki, Helton and others.

With Stewart struggling a ton down on the farm, it's looking more like Ty will hold the job all summer, and possibly all season. Hopefully my fears of him wearing down actually become benefits from him playing and finding his stride.

Overall: Really simple recrap. Like I said, nothing really angered me or stood out as a major problem (aside from the balk), so I'll save the rambling recaps for New York this weekend. Because you know there's going to be a lot to write about it that series.