Monday, June 27, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: No sweep for us... part three

Yes, this afternoon's game was the Rockies third attempt at a sweep in the last eight days (although this one was continued from April). For the third time, they couldn't finish the job.

Cubs 7, Rockies 3 (boxscore)

Jhoulys Chacin: He had nothing today. Zero. And that includes confidence and energy. Every pitch looked like a struggle and the body language after several of them suggested he didn't know what pitch he could turn to to help him get an out.

That makes for a very mentally and physically challenging game, especially for a youngster used to being on his game. He's found a way to get through similar outings in the past with good results, but there hasn't been one like this where absolutely nothing worked. So while it goes down as a lousy performance, there's certainly no reason to get worked up about it unless he can't rebound effectively on Saturday.

Carlos Gonzalez: At least one Rockie had a great day. Gonzalez cracked the Rockies first lead-off home run this season, an opposing field blast. He would add a second solo home run later. Oh look, more solo homers. That looks like it will the theme of this season when all is said and done.

He also made a nice diving catch that was almost the highlight of the game... but.

Today's biggest highlight: Miss World sings the 7th inning stretch.

Scouting report: A little chatty. Possibly tone deaf. But definitely easy on the eyes. (She's 19, so I can say that.)

Overall: That's really about all there is to talk about here.

I know it can't be easy on a team to fly on a plane from New York to Chicago for one game knowing they'll be making another flight to Denver immediately after that one game, but today's flat performance  was -- I'll reuse that word from yesterday -- disappointing. Truly disappointing.

The Cubs aren't a good team. They're coming home after dropping a series to Kansas City. Pitching matchup in your favor. A chance for a winning road trip. Terribly frustrating game to not get.

But congrats to the Cubs. Their little bush league postponement worked out for them. And good thing for them they showed more patience this time and didn't actually cancel the game based on yesterday's miserable forecast.