Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Game Recrap: Chacin in ace form, Rockies lose anyway

Another day game. 

Another chance to win a series. 

Another predictable result. 

And then I predictably say this: The Colorado Rockies always find a way to offset their positives and minimize their success. That's how this team will be defined in the history books. 

Reds 2, Rockies 1 (boxscore)

At least we saw a return to ace form for Jhoulys Chacin this afternoon. On the heels of Kevin Millwood's more than professional performance on Wednesday, Jhoulys was even better throwing an eight inning complete game where he struck out nine, walked three, allowed six hits and two earned runs.

And took the loss. Just like Millwood.

I really liked what I saw here though. Like both starts against Philadelphia, Chacin took the game over from the mound and pitched determined and focused. When that happens, he's special. Really special. Look around at every ace in the game right now. How many of them could determine to Chacin's level at 23?

Now he just needs to bottle that up and bring it back every time out. He needs to weed out starts like last Friday vs. Washington. Starts like the disappointing effort at Wrigley Field. And he will as time goes along. Starts like today are good indicators that he's getting closer.

I've already been positive enough for a loss, but are how about one more look at Seth Smith's monster home run. Watch It

It's funny how on days when I don't do the Lineup Card, Jim Tracy always puts out the lineups I'd most likely make fun of.

Listen, Jim, I know you're a fan of the site and I know I've said several nice things about Eliezer Alfonzo, but what the hell dude? Cleanup? You'll never hit Chris Iannetta above 7th or 8th but you have no problem hitting Alfonzo 4th. You're sooooo weird. I don't even know what goes through your mind when you make decisions like that.

Final Thought

Uh,well, I predicted a winning road trip. But that was strongly based on my feeling they'd take three of four in Cincinnati. This prediction will now predictably fail... unless they find a way to win the first two in St. Louis.

Can they?

Will they?

Let me know. I won't be able to watch because the Cardinals are blacked out here, but I'll still do my best to recap what I heard.