Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lackluster Recrap: Rockies avoid laying a goose egg, still fail miserably

"I don’t think the day will come when I grow tired of watching baseball. I hope not, anyway.

But I know I’m already tired of watching bad baseball. I’m tired of watching the (team) make outs every night. I’m tired of writing the same game story. I’m tired of finding new ways to ask the same questions."

Those comments may look familiar, but they are NOT mine. Those are actually the words written by San Francisco Giants beat writer Andrew Baggerly after their 7-0 loss to the Chicago Cubs on Monday night.

Turns out baseball life kinda sucks there, too. But dammit, at least they have a World stinkin' Championship to lean on when times are tough. We don't even have a division championship we can reminisce about. Sure, we have 2007. That will always be a fond memory, but I want something a little more solid than that.

Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 1 (boxscore)

Monday was Alex White's second start with the Rockies and his 23rd birthday.

It didn't start well.

It didn't end well.

It just flat didn't go well.

Arizona's very first batter, Ryan Roberts, greeted White with a longball to left. I don't know if that rattled White, which would be understandable, but his command immediately went missing. In total, White walked three in the frame. He also allowed one more hit, but thanks to Chris Iannetta picking off Aaron Hill, Arizona did not plate another run.

29 pitches there.

White was able to collect himself in the 2nd. In fact, from that 2nd until the 5th, he only allowed three baserunners - wiping one of those away with a double play. Unfortunately, when the 6th rolled around he completely lost it.

Arizona would plate four big runs in the inning on 5 hits, 1 intentional walk and 1 HBP. The most deflating blow coming on a run scoring single from opposing pitcher Daniel Hudson. It could have been a two-run knock if not for Seth Smith cutting down the second run on the hit with a nice throw from left.

But ultimately, that's an out White absolutely has to secure to stop the bleeding. He couldn't get it.

Bottom line on White's outing: If I'm stressing patience with Jhoulys Chacin, there's no question I'll be stressing even more patience with White. Has he been impressive so far? Not very. But it's not like he's been totally unimpressive. He's made some good pitches, some bad. He's made some ugly ones at inopportune times, and some brilliant ones at other points.

He's 23. He's a big part of the Rockies future. Let's see how he adjusts and moves forward.

Final thought

You know what, let's start with White and let's finish with Alex White. The offense absolutely stunk in this game and deserves little attention. The only reason they even cracked the scoreboard in the 9th is because three different Arizona relievers hit three different Rockies.