Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Rockies' E's lead the way (not errors for once!)

Rockies 6, Nationals 3 (boxscore)

So far, so good for Esmil Rogers in his latest experiment as a starting pitcher. Alright, so technically the 5 inning performance in San Diego was a relief appearance. But in reality it was an extension of that God awful idea with Ubaldo, so I'm considering that as a start as well.

Don't argue with me. I know it's flawed.

Anyway, he pitched well there. He also pitched pretty well here, although we saw a lot of the same problems that have limited his starting potential in the past. He started slow allowing one run on two hits and a walk in the first. A total of 29 pitches in that inning.

That puts him behind the preferred starter's pace. Then he wasn't able to record enough quick outs to get back on pace and couldn't get through the 6th. But he did get the outs without allowing Washington to plate another run. Ultimately that's the most important factor, so I'll call this encouraging and something positive he can build from.

And he gets the win.

Three more positives

1. Eric Young: Eric Young had his best game in a long time at the ML level. Maybe it was his best game to date. Battling leadoff, Young was able to reach base FOUR times (one hit, THREE walks), swiped a bag and knocked in two to lead the offensive attack.

Wonderful game for him. Now he needs to not be satisfied with this one game. He needs to come out again on Friday and back it up. Give 4-5 quality at-bats. Not allow himself to be an easy out. Prove he can do this consistently and prove he belongs. Be a contributor, not a survivor.

2. Chris Nelson: Same boat as EY, only Nelson is already in the process of stringing together productive games. Still not the smoothest defender at second base, but the kid came up a shortstop so one would think he can eventually work it out.

3. Rafael Betancourt: 10 consecutive scoreless outings. Three weeks ago this didn't seem possible, which only shows how differently you have to evaluate relievers.

Final thought(s)

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Troy Tulowitzki home run. That was smoked.

I would be equally remiss if I didn't mention that awkward slide at home plate. That was scary.

I'm a little behind on the player rankings. Generally I like to do them at the end of a month, but I also like to do them on an off day. Since there are no off days until Aug. 18, I may just do one covering the post all-star break until then, or maybe do something else. We'll see how it plays out.