Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lackluster Recrap: Well, we almost got in a fight!


Those 15 or so seconds after Huston Street chirped towards Gerardo Parra for his somewhat unnecessary forearm to Eliezer Alfonzo's chest, and the benches partially emptied, the Rockies nearly showed a pulse.

Of course the faint pulse quickly faded, the players returned to their dugouts, and the Rockies went quietly in the 9th inning. But at least we'll have those 15 seconds!

Diamondbacks 4, Rockies 2 (boxscore)

Esmil Rogers: Same old pattern. Awful first inning. Nice recovery. Strong middle innings. Tires in the 6th and allows that final run or two that assures his ERA will never dip below 5.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Dexter Fowler: Back-to-back games with a homer? The hell is that about?

A) I suppose he could be frustrated by being stranded so often.

B) It's possible he's trying to cover up his disappointing lack of baserunning instincts.

C) He's just getting lucky and now we're going to see Fowler go into a stretch of long, loopy swings as he tries to add more to his total.

Pick C!

Seth Smith: Two hits! See you again on Saturday!

Josh Roenicke: Still has not allowed a run and still has a WHIP under 1. This is what we call a baseball oddity.

Final thought

"If the Rockies win this series in Arizona I'll be totally shocked. The Snakes are playing lights out baseball right now. I really think they understand the importance of creating distance on San Francisco before they can right their ship (if they can), so I'm expecting top notch efforts from them."

That was my final thought after Sunday's game.

Boy can I call it or what?

Final thought on Wednesday's loss or looking to Friday in San Diego? No thanks.