Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remember the day Neifi Perez donned a catcher's mask?

Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times does. In fact, Jaffe penned a fun — or maybe more accurately for us, painful — article on the game this morning to mark it's 5,000th day-versary.

Yes, it really has been that long, but it honestly seems like it was last year that I was listening to the fading signal of 850 KOA on my little hand held radio. Same as I did when Hideo Nomo tossed his no-hitter at Coors Field. Same as I did when the Rockies scored 11 runs in the seventh inning to rally past the San Diego Padres.

Thank God for satellite TV and internet streams.

Anyway, I'll let you venture over to Jaffe's article for all of the details, but not before pointing out the irony of Rockies reliever Jerry Dipoto being right in the middle of the wild half inning that decided that game. Of course he's now the general manager of the Angels, and if his first winter is any indication, he's going to continue helping the Angels for a long, long time.


Hardball Times: 5,000 days since bizarre ending to Rockies-Angels game