Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rockies fans to rally for Tom Helmer

When Tom Helmer broke the news that his contract with Root Sports has not been renewed on Tuesday, Rockies fans instantly went into shock. Thirty seconds later, shock turned to anger. And now, a full 24 hours later, their anger has led them to organizing a Save Helmer rally set to take place this Sunday afternoon.

First and foremost, I would encourage fans to simply support Helmer as he comes to terms with the unfortunate circumstances, and then searches for his new gig (which he should have little to no trouble finding). But I also have to say it's pretty cool to see Rockies fans come together to show support for a guy whose passion for the game of baseball, for the Rockies organization, and above all, for the city of Denver, has been obvious since he debuted on the air six years ago.

If the cause means that much to you as a Rockies fan and/or a resident of Denver, then the place to be is the Blake Street Tavern at 2 pm on Sunday.

You can head over to South Stands Denver for more information.

I wish you all well on your peaceful mission to save one of your own. It may not be enough to rectify this situation, but your passionate plea should teach the suits and ties at Root that their audience won't be content with whatever they're being fed. Yes, you have eyes and ears that mean dollars to them, but you also have a voice. Let the them hear that voice loud and clear.


Anonymous said...

We Love You Tom! Root Sports does not know what they are missing! As A huge Rockies fan I thank you and will truly miss you!