Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adventures in Outfielding: Starring Tyler Colvin

Rockies starter Jeremy Guthrie was having a rough enough afternoon on his own (four runs allowed through four innings). He certainly didn't need the assistance — or lack thereof — from outfielder Tyler Colvin on a Ryan Roberts' routine flyball in the fifth inning to make it worse.

The flyball in question should have been the final out of what would have been a scoreless inning for Guthrie. Unfortunately, he, like the rest of us, looked on stunned as Colvin completely and inexplicably whiffed on the ball.

Or I should say that was the initial reaction of Guthrie and others. Moments later, when everybody saw what actually happened on replay, the reactions changed from "Dude, what the hell?" to "Dude, seriously, what the hell?" only this time followed by belly laughs in the dugout.

You see, what had happened was, as Colvin moved his glove into position to catch the flyball, a string on the top side of his glove got caught on a button on his jersey. The result was Colvin's glove not opening, his jersey coming untucked, the ball nearly hitting him *Kevin Harlan voice* right between the eyes, and another Arizona baserunner coming around to score.

Don't believe me?

Here's the video...

In baseball, it's rare to say "that's something I've never seen before"... but that's something I've honestly never seen before. Thankfully — as was pointed out several times by the announce crew, and later by Colvin when they miced him up in the dugout — it happened on March 27. That allowed all of us to enjoy it even more. Well, except maybe for Colvin, who will have a difficult time living that one down.

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