Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Training Hits & Misses: Game 21 vs. San Francisco


Jamie Moyer

12 Giants up, 12 Giants down as Jamie Moyer rises from the ashes once again to become a real contender in the race for the Rockies fifth rotation spot. According to several people on site, Moyer topped out at 78 on his "fastball", but had a Giants lineup featuring several regulars off balance from pitch 1 to pitch 45, and probably would have been good for another inning had the Giants defense not kicked the ball around for a half hour in the fourth.

We're one paragraph in and it's plainly obvious the Giants mailed it in tonight. Scratching Tim Lincecum and moving him to a minor league start all but confirms it.

Anyway, it looks like the fifth starter race will end up going down to the wire, at which point the Rockies will decide if they want a veteran presence like Moyer to begin the season, a middle of the road placeholder like Guillermo Moscoso, or an upside play like Alex White or Tyler Chatwood.

If I were a betting man, I'd save my money and wait to wager on a judgment not involving Jim Tracy.

Clubhouse Chemistry

When Dan O'Dowd rebuilt the Rockies clubhouse this offseason, Marco Scutaro and Michael Cuddyer were the two most important bricks added from the offensive side of things.

Both were stellar tonight.

For Scutaro, it was a two-run double in the second that started the scoring. He also added a pair of walks hitting out of the lead-off spot. For Cuddyer, it was his first home run of the spring — a two-run shot in the third — and a single.

Just in case you were still worrying about the veterans' struggles this spring, you can stop now. Both will be fine.

Wilin Rosario

His batting average continues to rise — three hits tonight puts his spring average at .444 — but the story appears to go well behind a couple well hit baseballs. It SOUNDS (and I say sounds because I'm not there to see the work he's putting in) like Rosario's work ethic and focus this spring are standing out to several people inside and outside the Rockies organization. Whether or not that (and the positive steps he appears to be taking on the field) leads to him making the team in two weeks is to be determined, but it's really just nice to hear about a Rockies prospect being hungry and trying to force his way on to the team through constant improvement, rather than being satisfied, leveling off, and ultimately failing when called upon.



Got Their Work In


Matt Reynolds, Mike Ekstrom, Esmil Rogers, Zach Simons and Zach Putnam combined to throw five scoreless innings of relief on just one hit. Yes, the Giants managed only one hit (one baserunner)... to go along with four errors. What a shit show, even by Catcus League standards.

Oh, yeah, and the score in case you're wondering

Rockies 7, Giants DNP.

What's next

The Rockies welcome the Cubs to Salt River Fields for a 2:10 MT first pitch on Friday. Streaming audio will be available on the 850 KOA website and

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