Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Links and Things: A little fun from Tulo and more on Alex White's DUI

The Cactus League is officially underway with the Rockies sitting on a very NHL like 1-0-1 record. I invite you to check out my quick reviews of both games (Saturday and Monday).

Of course there's always more than a few things going on off the field during the spring. Most of them fun, but unfortunately for the Rockies, they're dealing with not so pleasant off the field issues pertaining to Alex White and his DUI.

I commented on the situation a little bit during Monday's game recap, but since then some new information has been reported by Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post.

According to his report, White may be charged with an "extreme DUI", which would indicate his blood alcohol level was over 0.15. The Scottsdale police are awaiting blood test results before going forward with their changes, but unless his sample was left overnight in someone's basement refrigerator, White's probably got some trouble on his hands. Not to mention the fact he flat out told general manager Dan O'Dowd he only had a couple drinks before getting behind the wheel.

DUIs, lying to the GM... yeah, not exactly the way you want to start a spring in which you're battling for a spot on a Major League roster. Now White has just as many questions surrounding his character as he did his performance, which usually means your days in Denver are numbered. I'll wait to see where this story goes from here before commenting further, but I reiterate that I'll support whatever the Rockies decide to do especially in light of the latest information.

-- The Colorado Rockies television broadcast team was recently rated among the five worst in Major League Baseball. Congratulations go out to George Frazier and Jeff Huson for dragging down Drew Goodman and managing to finish below Chip Caray and the Atlanta Braves broadcast team. Fangraphs

-- Troy Tulowitzki lightens the mood with this fantastic prank on an MLB Fan Cave finalist.

-- Tom Ley looks at Dan O'Dowd legacy in Colorado. Blake Street Bulletin

-- Michelle Hoag evaluated Alex White's 2011 performance just the other day. I tell you, this lady has some kind of timing! Oh, and she's one of our favorite writers as well. Rox Pile

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